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We carry only the top brands. Our reputation, and your safety, depend upon us fitting the correct shock or strut to manufacturer specifications. See us for the following top makes:

    • KYB
    • TOKICO


Our ASE certified technicians are trained in servicing and repairing ASB systems and brakes on a wide variety of newer and older model cars, SUVs, and light trucks. A nice benefit, in bringing your vehicle to us, is we can perform a complete brake flush and install premium brake pads. We then carefully clean, adjust, and test drive your vehicle before releasing it back to you.


Your vehicle's wheel alignment can be affected by hitting pot holes, non-paved roads, and speed bumps to name a few. This is why we recommend you have your vehicle's wheel alignment checked at least once a year. The first thing we do is check lug nut torque. Many drivers are not aware that improperly torqued wheel nuts are a primary cause of misalignment or wheel failure. We also check tire wear before hooking your vehicle to our computerized wheel alignment system. Our system is state-of-the-art technology and will enable us to align your wheels accurately. The system also generates a computer printout as a warranty record or for future reference


We encourage customers to have their vehicle serviced at 3,000 mile intervals with manufacturer scheduled services and 30-point courtesy inspections. We offer a premium oil and filter change along with the appropriate scheduled services. Maintaining clean oil and other fluids will extend the life of your vehicle's engine, transmission, and other parts.

Bringing your car to us regularly for scheduled maintenance will protect your investment and enable us to keep an eye out for oil leaks, coolant leaks, worn belts or hoses, brake wear, tire wear, damaged or cracked CV boots, battery failure, and low fluid levels. We will also do a quick check of shocks and struts for leakage and wear.


Your cooling system should be serviced every spring and fall. This will keep your engine running cool, protect aluminum parts, and lubricate the water pump. We take care to use coolant to your vehicle manufacturer's specifications. We also pressure check the system for leaks

30-60-90,000 MILE SERVICE

We offer vehicle manufacturer recommended service at very competitive prices. You will receive a technician initialed check list and an itemized statement of all work performed.

Our technicians are trained to follow procedure, double-check torque settings, and run a system diagnostic. We also take extra precaution to use lubricants, coolant, and other fluids to manufacturer specifications.

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